Sunny Brae Global Awareness Magnet is a place where community partners work together to provide high quality instruction for all students to develop academic proficiency and college and career readiness and to emerge as the next generation of scholars and scientists with an emphasis in global citizenship and a commitment to act with empathy to change the world around them. Caring staff provide a welcoming environment where students can achieve their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. We follow an innovative project-based multidisciplinary curriculum, designed around integrated units, with emphasis in science and social studies. We prepare our students through problem solving activities focused on real world situations and the needs of a global community. We welcome you to visit the Sunny Brae Global Awareness Magnet.

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Carter – Principal

Ms. Math – Kindergarten, Room 6

Miss Yaghnam – 1st Grade, Room 46

Ms. Murphy – 2nd Grade, Room 47

Mrs. Rosas – 3rd Grade, Room 49

Mr. Grimaud – 4th Grade, Room 51

Miss Bentson – 5th Grade, Room 48

Miss Gordon – Magnet Coordinator, Magnet Office, Room 25

Mr. Reyes – TSP Adviser, Room 24